Friday, December 18, 2009

Holiday Programs

I had some 3 days holiday programs in school , it about song and poems and i have done some art and craft . I do enjoy the class very much and hope to have some more . Mummy is helping me to search for classes. Hopefully next sunday i will be able to start the art class soon .

Monday, November 30, 2009

Graduation from Nursery

Very fast, it the end of the year and again there is a parent -teacher meeting session .

During the talk , Teacher Amy praise Denzil that he does behave well ion school , which i am happy to heard that .
She also show me a picture which he done during school. The Fish is called " Rainbow Fish "

Wednesday, November 11, 2009

My Special Car & Colouring

I have 2 pairs of Godparents.Last month they celebrate mei mei janelle full month and after a month later , we are celebrating mei mei Renise Full month and again i enjoy myself very much playing with Javier.

Monday, October 5, 2009

MoonCake Festival Celebration

1oct 2009 , is Children Day , and it a school holiday for me . The day before , teacher Amy , give us a small present, i like it . Below is the pictures.

3rd October 2009 , was 8ζœˆεδΊ”, i waited for mummy and daddy to come back and i can go down to celebrate mooncake festival to carry lantern. I am very excited , but the weather is not so good, suddenly it's rains quite heavily. I was afraid that they cancelled the plans.

But when they came back , mummy told me to change and get ready to go out to carry lantern to celebrate this festival .
As there are a few parks celebrating this event, mummy decided to move to a few places.

There was a celebration from the temple, and the event is located at the hard core opposite my place. Later around 9pm, we moved on to ponggol park . There i enjoy most cos i able to see magic show and play small fire work ....

Wednesday, September 30, 2009

MeiMei Janelle 's Full Month celebration

13 Of September 2009, God Ma & God Pa have a celebration for MeiMei Janelle Full Month. The celebration was located in the multi purpose hall located at Blk 183 near the carpark, at rivervale crescent.

Around 2plus in the afternoon, mummy decided to bring me up home for a nap, and bro Javier like to come along too, so mummy bring the two of us up.

While at home , we played alot of things, and we also sat on the bed to watch Cartoon.

After the show , we decided to play control car. I had a fun time together and i do enjoy it .